Who we are

The Southern Illinois Rights Project is a group of Southern Illinois residents who are organizing to protect the rights of residents and natural communities to healthy and safe environments by writing law that addresses the limitations our current democratic system imposes on communities at the grassroots level.

A grassroots- produced rights based ordinance uses the idea of individual civil rights and applies that to a community. We define "community" literally and inclusively as the people who reside in a region or political boundary, as well as the grass, roots, water, air, forest, animals and other living qualities that make a place.

What is the big deal about a Community Bill of Rights anyway? It is a fact that most of the good things a municipality might try to do to protect land and water, or to put limits on the wasteful use of resources would be challenged by either the state or corporations.

SI Rights Project has been organizing through small meetings held at people's homes. Hundreds of people have met with us to explore how to make our local governments accountable to our health rather than the will of corporations. If you would like to meet with us, you can email to: SIRightsProject@gmail.com

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