Thursday, October 22, 2015

Comments at the Jackson County Board Committee on Health, Safety and Solid Waste

There are some misconceptions circulating about how the ordinance we have written will impact the County's economy. These statements are intended to clarify some of these misapprehensions and fears. 

A Community Bill of Rights will  not hurt businesses that are not in the oil extraction business.
It will not hurt gas stations
It will not subject JC residents and businesses to litigation if they are not involved in the fracking industry.

It will not change farming in Southern Illinois. It will not regulate particulate matter from farming (dust).
It will not have any impact on utility rates; utility rates are negotiated by the utility board.

It will not impact businesses in JC that are not involved in the gas or oil extraction business.

It will not impact development positively or negatively. All regions that have seen a boom in fracking have also experienced declines. Any construction expressly built for a and in a boom economy is not necessarily sustainable development- eg the kind of development that will serve the County in the future. 

The Ordinance will be good for businesses and land developers and others whose businesses depend on clean air, clean water, and clean soil.  

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