Tuesday, July 21, 2015

How a Community Bill of Rights can Empower People against Corporations

Reposting this article from a couple of years ago- What is the big deal about a Community Bill of Rights anyway? In Jackson County, Illinois we are pursuing the legal question as to why people who live in a place do not have any legal say over the quality of their environment. In fact, most of the good things we might try to do in a municipality to protect land and water, or to protect or put limits on the wasteful use of resources would be challenged by either the state or corporations.

"if people have a Bill of Rights on the individual level, what about a set of rights bridging the individual to her or his community? A right to water and clean air, a right to exist in a peaceful environment, a right to sustainable energy..." Continue to read here: How a Community Bill of Rights Is Empowering People Against Corporations

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