Sunday, October 18, 2015

October 20: Jackson County Board Meeting- We still want Community Rights!

A new moon!  Come join us! 5:30 pm on TUESDAY- at the Jackson County Courthouse!
Lets keep on with our Community Bill of Rights to ban fracking! People who stand for Community Rights- we continue on the path to cultivating a democracy that reflects the attitudes of the people in this County! 
We will hold our banners high and speak inside the meeting. 

Come share 35 minutes of your time this Tuesday with others who want to ban fracking in Jackson County by passing a Community ordinance that asserts our right to pollution free air, and clean and plentiful water. 

We will remind our County Board that we are here, and we stand for a grassroots and democratic response to corporate power. 

We will continue to meet, talk and learn together-- and find ways to work with our representatives at the local levels to BAN FRACKING and to build a pathway to creating a sustainable, safe, healthy-for-all of us- economy. Come at 5:30 so we can greet our representatives on the County level with our banners and our persistence.

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